R E F I L L f o r D i f f u s e r s 200ml@008

R E F I L L   f o r   D i f f u s e r s 200ml@008
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Brand: Apple
Product Code: R E F I L L f o r D i f f u s e r s 200ml
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2- C L A S S I C   D i f f u s e r s
i have 2 size 200ml &500ml its very high quilty and very long listing i have about 10 color and 10 perfumes 
2-1 Perfume: THE FLORIST  
Top note: Fig Tree Leafs
Middle note: Cutted Grasses, Bamboo
Base note: Cedar Wood
Top note: Ginger
Middle note: Bamboo, Water Lily
Base note: Tonka Bean
Top note: Pepper
Middle note: Jasmin, Rose
Base note: Sandal Wood, Vanilla
2-4 Perfume: BOREON 
Top note: Rosemary, Bay tree
Middle note: Geranium, Lavender
Base note: Pine, Rosewood
2-5 Perfume: SPICY WOOD
Top note: Grapefruit
Middle note: Rhubarb Fresia
Base note: Woody Branch
Top note: Cypress
Middle note: Cedar & Patchouli
Base note: Pine Balsam
Top note: Bergamot Orange
Middle note: Green Leaves, Rhubarb
Base note: White Musk
2-8 Perfume: AMBER-VANILLA
Top note: Mandarin, Lemon
Middle note: Amber, Spices
Base note: Vanilla, Patchouly
2-9 Perfume: FILAO WOOD
Top note: Lemon, Bergamot Orange
Middle note: Pink Berry, Violet Leaves
Base note: Filao Wood, Amber
2-10 Perfume: FIG TREE
Top note: Fig Leaves
Middle note: Coconut, Fig
Base note: Almond Milk
2-11 Perfume: SKYLITE
Top note: Green Apple
Middle note: Jasmin
Base note: Cedar wood

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